The Dream Statement

“Our dream is to become a community where Marists are connected at local, national, and international levels, growing in communion and purpose through a wise leadership. We take care of our people, enhancing the formation processes that allow anyone who wants to be around the table to find his/her place.”

Dream Statement
Lay Marist Assembly USA,  July 2018

The Marists of Champagnat

Marists of Champagnat is the term being used to describe Marists in the US – lay women and men, and vowed brothers. It is a term indicating the new way of describing this journey in communion, lay and brothers together, into this 3 rd Century of the charism of Marcellin Champagnat.


We believe the charism of Marcellin is a gift given to the Church and to the world, a gift which we are being invited to further develop and live by progressively deepening our participation in this Charism

-Water from the Rock

Mountain Path

Our Journey...

Madonna and Child

In the summer of 2018, 75 Lay Marists gathered in Long Branch, NJ for the first-ever USA Lay Marist Assembly. The retreat-style assembly was guided by guest speakers Pep Buetas from Spain who is the Co-Director of the Secretariat of the Laity for the Marist Institute, and Patti Rios, a Lay faculty member at a school in
Tijuana, Mexico.


From the Lay Retreat, a steering committee was selected to devise a plan for the the Marist of Champagnat. The committee spent 2018-2019 surveying Lay and Brothers in order to construct a proposal to the Marist Brothers in an organizational model for the Lay and Marist community to move the Marist Mission into the future

In the spring of 2020 Maureen Hagan was hired as the director of the Lay Marist and a council of lay and brothers was formed.
This council has worked to build the foundation of this new organization to provide growth in Marist spirituality and
mission together.

Steering Committe ~

Fall of 2018 -Fall of 2019

The Lay Marist Council~

Spring 2020

Lay Marist Assembly~

Summer of 2018

Meet the Lay Council


Maureen Hagan


Ellen Salmo Van Cleff


Lindsay Irwin

Richard Karsten

Earline Tweedy

Br. Ken Hogan

Br. Owen Ormsby

Adam Wouk